At Siksha Montessori House of Children, the learning extends even further through the child being exposed to a wider range of experience. These includes:

Science and Nature: Using familiar materials, children learn science and nature through simple experiments such as sink/float and magnetic/non-magnetic. Gardening, seeds and flowers are used to enable understanding of life and growth.

The child learns to differentiate between living and non-living, plant and animal etc. Consciousness of the environment is also inculcated, additionally children learn about time, calendars and seasons.

Culture: According to their age and understanding, children are introduced to simple geography, botany, zoology, art, science and the history of the human race. The material in this section includes pictures of animals, birds, flowers, geography map puzzles and simple science experiments.

Physical Development: Attention is placed on a daily emphasis on fine and gross motor skills, exercises, developing coordination and outdoor recreation.

Music and Dramatics: Children engage in Musical games, chants and nursery rhymes. Songs and musical instruments too aid the child in developing the sense of pitch and rhythm. Finger plays are used to help the children improve coordination, focus, and familiarize them with the concept of group activities.
Art and Craft: Children are encouraged to use their imagination through experimentation. From the beginning, work with the Montessori sensorial materials helps to refine the sense of color, balance and design, preparing the child to see harmony in his/her surroundings and using this in artistic expression. The art environment is planned, set up and maintained by the teacher, as are the activities, so that the children can function independently to use their materials and tools, work in their space, and most importantly, create their own unique pieces of art.

A range of materials, processes and techniques (such as pottery making) are available to each child to explore and create with as they choose. By providing activities that allow the child to explore the qualities of things in the environment and provide for the possibility of the expression of ideas, the child is allowed the opportunity to develop his own self-expression.